Midwest City Community Support;

MWC Neighborhood Initiative Coordinator Barbara Kelton
MWC Police Community Action Unit Sgt Linsey Cargal
405-739-1005 ext 1025


President / Director Brandon Pitts
Vice President / Director Clifford Dean
Secretary / Director Steve Hartsell
Director Glenn Walker
Director Calie Nelson
Director Carolyn Wooten
Director Brett Howard
Treasurer / Officer Willard Boone


Architecture Committee (VP of HOA) Clifford Dean
Neighborhood Compliance Committee Glymn Walker (East side)
Clifford Dean (West side)
Neighborhood Events Committee Carolyn Wooten
Landscape Committee Glynn Walker
Common’s Area Improvement Clifford Dean
Common’s Area Maintenance Brandon Pitts
Social Media/Website Administrators Steven Hartsell

If anyone is interested in helping with any of the committees, please Email us or attend our HOA Monthly Meeting