Midwest City Community Support;

MWC Neighborhood Initiative Coordinator Elyse Davis
MWC Police Community Action Unit Sgt Linsey Cargal
405-739-1005 ext 1025


President / Director Brett Howard
Vice President / Director Ed Rua
Treasurer / Officer Willard Boone
Secretary / Director Steven Hartsell
Director Matt Jorgensen
Director Brandon Pitts
Director Cara Gonzales
Director Mike Adair


Architecture Committee (VP of HOA) Ed Rua
Welcome Committee
Jessica Rojas
Neighborhood Compliance Committee Chair: Mike Adair
West side: Brett Howard
East side: Mike Adair
Real Estate Committee Shane Willard
Neighborhood Events Committee Cara Gonzales
Landscape Committee Matt Jorgensen
Common’s Area Oversight Improvement Steven Hartsell
Common’s Area Oversight Maintenance Brandon Pitts
Social Media/Website Administrators
Brett Howard
Steven Hartsell

If anyone is interested in helping with any of the committees, please Email us or attend our HOA Monthly Meeting